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Double Coated Adhesive Tapes
Nitto has developed many types of double-coated adhesive tapes over the past 40 years. During this time, we have learned a lot of things from our customers. We have also studied the market and have added various functions to our tapes. Double-coated adhesive tape plays the role of binding one thing to another, but the tape needs to have other functions as well.
There is a need for a tape that is easy to peel when necessary, that can block out light, is environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled. Especially in the field of electronics in which recent demand in growing, there is a need for tape that is clean to precision parts and parts, fulfills special functions and adheres well. Nitto supports activities in many fields from electronics to residential construction and household appliances with our multifunction double-coated adhesive tape. Depending on our customers’ ideas, doublecoated adhesive tape can be used in various ways. Nitto has the most suited tape for your needs, whatever they are.
While continuing to work on tape that offers strong binding characteristics, we are also trying to find out our customers’ needs so we can continue to turn out products that satisfy those needs.
Just as with bonding one thing to another, we want our double-coated adhesive tape to bind our customers’ hidden needs with tape function. You can always depend on Nitto double-coated adhesive tapes to suit your needs.
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